CEO Ahmed Mohamed Ismail
Chartered Accountant, Tax Expert,
Colonel of the Egyptian Tax Association,
Register of the Financial Supervisory Authority, FRA member

IBC is a novel hub of regional and regional-aspiring firms in the Middle East and some parts of Europe. Drawing upon over 20 years of financial consulting services for all kinds of industries in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, IBC is developing and growing a world-class chamber of commerce championing entrepreneurship, cross-selling, and expansion of markets by bringing the most successful operations from their origin cities to key business centers in the Middle East and Europe. We help you identify the most favorable markets, with growth and market share in mind.

Express Interest

Hello! That is all it takes to learn about geographic expansion potential in our region. When you reach out, you are able to schedule a meeting at one of our offices, invite us for a consultation at your premises, or work virtually with us to launch market research, feasibility studies, or other forms of surveys. Our consultants also walk you through key business enablement concepts and exercises such as stakeholder mapping, SWOT analyses, and risk registers.

For most clients interested in expanding for the first time in the UAE, this phase lasts between 2 to 8 weeks depending on industry, market maturity, investment volume, and engagement from stakeholders.

Vetting & Selection

Next, we perform background research and investigate the health of your proposed operation at the source and destination. This results in tailored offers for your type of business and aspirations, drawing upon our existing network of businesses in the region(s) of your choice. This means we provide you with a report on potential partnerships, financing options, or store location analyses if you are launching a retail/F&B/services establishment, among others. 

This phase is closed with a near-finalized estimate on legal operations, fees, and timeline. Our experience suggests this takes 3 to 14 days for 90% of our clients.


When you are satisfied with the outlooks, our advisors and specialists take care of legal operations such as licensing, registering in municipalities, free zones, and other business commencement requirements such as patent filing or product certification based on your practice and local regulations.

Revenue Service

It is a smooth sail from here. IBC continues to be your partner in success, exploiting its network for your growth and engagement as well as extending your running operation a wide range of running services and professional amenities to make your new place (real or virtual) just like home.

Learn more about the financial and running services we offer that are under highest demand below.


Business Establishment

To get started, we like to learn a little about your operation and target new business center. If you know you are ready to expand geographically but do not know exactly where yet, we help you analyze this methodically and with sufficient historical data and high-quality forecasts. Our consultants helped establish dozens of new operations across UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia and are able to study options with you from experience. Different regions have different benefits, prospects, and growth trends that you can learn about from the comfort of your home office. Learn more about typical mobilization and establishment processes by reaching out through the contact form, or continue to read for more insight on the business consulting side of our offerings.


IBC provides a range of stellar financial and legal services that supports your running operation. On the technical side, we make sure you start with the right foot forward covering all aspects of financial and tax auditing.

Auditing is crucial process for all businesses at all stages of their lives. For new businesses, auditing can take the simple form of a chapter in the business plan or a more investment-grade feasibility study. For established operations, it is a legal requirement for tax filing and company financial statements, keeping stakeholders and owners informed. In other cases, such as with mergers & acquisitions, asset sales, or launching a public offering, auditing is an advanced procedure that sufficiently characterizes the business and ensures transparency for interested parties.

Consider the auditing involved in a small manufacturing/assembly operation in suburban Fujairah: investors looking to purchase a running printing house (paper/pulp/cardboard) may set a cash-on-cash returns target as well as a timeframe. It is up to the auditors to concur with or refute this target based on a series of examinations:

  • Scoping the business:
    • What is the precise product? 
    • What is the precise supply chain?
  • Understanding the buyer:
    • What are the investors offering in terms of financing?
    • Does the buyer own similar operations? Do they have experience in the industry?
    • Are there serious plans to sell or keep the operation long-term?
    • Are exits strategies eyed by the potential buyer IPO or private equity?
  • Examining compliance:
    • Are the company’s books well-kept?
    • Are all payables and receivables accounted for? 
  • Examining performance:
    • Is the company profitable?
    • Are the costs justifiable?
    • Are the typical financial indicators healthy for investment/takeover?
    • Are there signs of financial wrongdoing?
  • Diving into operations:
    • What is the book-value of the company’s assets over the years?
    • What are the costs of raw materials? Labor? Warranty and external service orders?
  • Market intelligence:
    • What is the GDP growth of the active municipality/customer base?
    • Which industry does this operation serve most prominently?
    • What are expansion prospects?
    • What is the competition landscape?
    • What are the barriers to entry for new investors/establishments?
    • What are the price/quality points available in the market?

Consulting Services

Our market and business intelligence teams unite to provide each client inquiry with a positive all-round view of your intended operation. We help you answer BIG questions to help you form a more solid opinion on your expansion or running strategies, like:

  • What opportunities do we have to expand into a new business or segment?
  • What is the theoretical size of our intended market, and our potential revenue from it?
  • What is the investment desirability for certain markets/assets/segments?
  • What are some of the optimal ways to grow our company? Which indicators are actionable?
  • What are some of the ways we can optimally increase sales?
  • What are our competitors doing differently? How should we tackle effects on our business?
  • What are some of the causes for recent drop in profits? What are ways to increase them?
  • What are some of the corrective actions we can take to combat decline?
  • Which costs are critical to the company’s growth? Which should be methodically reduced?
  • How should we approach a potential purchase/sale/abandonment of existing assets?
  • How should we approach merges or purchasing opportunities?
  • How attractive is a particular industry or sector for our operations?
  • How should we assess our new product offering in a particular market?

Speak to us for streamlined processes covering Annual Budgeting, Credit Facilities and Loans, Feasibility and Market Reports, and Financial and Tax Consulting among others.

Operating Services

When you have a running operation in one of our cities, we are often only a few minutes away and help you with operating arrangements such as bookkeeping, integrating E-invoicing, publishing financial statements, general accounting, administering payroll, and filing VAT and other special legal procedures. Because of our vast experience in UAE, Egypt, and KSA especially, we have helped clients set up mailboxes, rent office and residential spaces, hire local help, and subscribe to miscellaneous services.

Feel right at home, away from home with IBC.


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